my triumphant return to pants | PUG review

True life: I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn pants in the past year, and never (neverrr) to work. After years of dealing with trying to find jeans, dress pants, or even ponte pants that would fit properly and make me feel fabulous, I decided to say farewell to leg prisons for good. But there was one siren that still called to me…

Ultra. Wide. Legged. Trousers.

I drooled over photos of 1940s ladies in beautifully voluminous trousers. I wanted to feel that Katharine Hepburn vibe. But whenever I happened upon a pair of vintage-style wide-legged pants, they stopped short of my size. I wasn’t even sure they would look good on my anyway, and I had sworn off pants, after all.

Enter the Doris pants from Pinup Girl Clothing. They were beautiful. They were wide as all get out. They came in my size. But still, I was nervous. When I flew out to California for Dapper Day and made a stop at the PUG Boutique, I tried on a pair of Doris pants…I probably would have gone home with them, but I really needed one size up and they were totally out of stock. So Doris went back into the “someday” cardboard box of my mind. There were always (alwayyyys) more things to buy, and it was hard to pull the trigger on the pants.

But LO! I snatched up a pair for a hell of a steal in the Zulily sale, and here is where our review begins:


First off, these pants are very high quality. They are HEAVY; the fabric is so thick and soft, and they’re actually lined all the way down the leg, so they really do hang beautifully on the body. At 5’9″, these are the perfect (PERFECT) length on me. They curtain my feet without enveloping them and juuuust avoid brushing the ground when I walk. If you’re shorter, you’ll probably need these hemmed to the appropriate length.

I love the feeling of them swishing around my legs when I walk. I only had one minor incident going up stairs, but it’s entirely possible that was due to my own legendary grace & elegance and the pants were completely uninvolved. I feel like a tall, glamorous drink of water in these.


There is an elastic panel in the back, but I personally wouldn’t size down in these. The measurements for these put me in a 3X; I tried the 2X (my usual PUG size) at the boutique and while I was successful (eventually) at zipping them up, it definitely wasn’t comfortable. If, like me, you’re hoping to wear these to work and sit and eat and all those useful things, I would follow the size chart. Even as it is now, zipping them up can be a little bit of a struggle; it would help a lot to have a clip at the top to hold the halves together so that the zipper wasn’t constantly unzipping itself as you struggle.

Overall, are they worth the money? Definitely. Would I buy another pair? ……I dunno. Honestly, though I’m happy I made my return to the world of pants with these, I just don’t get enough use out of pants to want to spend over $100 on a single pair. They are totally worth the full price, but at that price, they don’t really make sense as a part of my closet. Am I absolutely beyond thrilled that I was able to get a pair for a great deal? YES!!! If another bonkers sale pops up, I would definitely pick up another pair or two. Brown was actually my third choice option for color, but since that’s what was in stock, that’s what I went with. I could definitely see myself rocking black or charcoal, given the opportunity. For now, I’m still investing the bulk of my fashion funds in skirts and dresses, but adding a pair of pants to my wardrobe has definitely upped the versatility of it. Crazy sales are definitely a great way to try something new; who knows – you just might like it!

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Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I hope that wherever you’re riding your giant turkey to today is full of love and lots of good food.

I shared on Instagram that I just had my one year “purpleversary” this past weekend, and it definitely had me thinking about the past year and feeling really thankful. It was then that I really decided to dedicate myself to not just dabbling in pinup fashion, but becoming part of the community. And it’s such a powerful, supportive community of amazing women that I’m so grateful that I have in my life now. I’m inspired and encouraged by all the lovely gals in my Instagram and Facebook feeds every day, and I’m so happy to be able to be part of it. Especially as things in the world get darker, it’s important to be mindful of all the good things in your life. I’m definitely someone who can get bogged down in anxiety and frustration, so I’m taking advantage of this day to remind myself (and you, by proxy) to remember to practice gratitude in every day life.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go get a huge scoop of my grandma’s cran-raspberry Jell-O mold. Be safe, and be thankful ❤️

unboxing: winter belle's beauty box


Am I the only one who thinks of Seven whenever someone talks about unboxing/just boxes in general? …probably.

ANYWAY, the topic of this post is far less gruesome: it’s my winter Belle’s Beauty Box! You might remember I reviewed a monthly Beauty Box from Belle Blossoms earlier this year; I missed the autumn box after the switch from monthly to seasonal, but I definitely knew I wanted some new hair accessories for the winter season. At $35, this box is such an amazing value, and I love being surprised with pieces I might not have picked out for myself.


New pretties! These boxes are so cute, with all the accessories inside wrapped up like a present. This would make a great gift for the pinup in your life…even if, y’know, that pinup is yourself.

I really appreciate the variety of pieces that are included in each box; I originally assumed those poinsettias were just sweet mini hair flowers, but they’re actually SHOE CLIPS! How rad is that? I’m so excited to holidazzle up some of my heels this December with cute  little poinsettia clips.

The other major standout to me in this box is that stunning peacock comb. I may have gasped a little bit when I saw it. It’ll be such a wonderful topper to an outfit, especially for a really glitzy Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. Hopefully I’ll get invited to one of those and have the option 😉

The jeweled peony and lovely gardenia are both classic hair flowers that will work well throughout the year but definitely have a nice winter vibe. I’m also definitely feeling pink this holiday season, so I’m excited to get those cute pink vintage button earrings! The only slight disappointment is that I did get the exact same hair scarf in a different box, but so it goes.

The winter box looks like it’s still available at the time of writing – if you’re looking to stock up and expand your hair accessory collection or want a nice, affordable gift for a special lady you know, definitely check it out!

ode to bottlebrush trees

Oh bottlebrush tree, oh bottlebrush tree
How lovely are thy bristles
Your shiny baubles and flecks of snow
Give my heart a Christmas glow
Oh bottlebrush tree, oh bottlebrush tree
How lovely are thy bristles

If I had to pick one favorite Christmas decoration, it would definitely be the bottlebrush tree. These adorable trees combine my love of miniature things, sparkle, flocking, and retro style. I’ve drooled over beautiful vintage bottlebrush trees for a long time, and I’m so thrilled that they’re back in style and easily purchased!

Their oftentimes candy-colored bristles just fill me with glee! The other great thing about bottlebrush trees is how easy it is to decorate them. Set them anywhere you like…one is good, and more is better! Stick to one color scheme, or mix traditional green in with golds, teals, and pinks. Bauble or no bauble, they’re all precious.


There are tons of tutorials about dyeing and decorating your own trees, which I am super tempted to do! But for now, here’s my current collection:


I went to Target last night on a very specific errand. Bottlebrush trees were not part of that errand, but how could I resist? The two smaller trees are from the front section and were only $3 each ($3!!!), and the pink one was on sale! I never had a chance. I loved setting up this super femme tableau on my new dresser.


I love setting up little scenes with other pieces. These glittery deer are definite favorites of mine. The two smaller trees were from a set last year, but the big gold one was the first Christmas decor purchase I made this year. After admiring it at TJ Maxx for weeks, I finally pulled the trigger.


Another tree from the set, plus one more large one. The little one in front with the red is my only true vintage bottlebrush tree (…for now), and I’m terribly fond of it. When my aunt was in town over the weekend, she saw me admiring this precious little bear with a wreath terrarium/ornament and surprised me with it!

I say my “current” collection, because I’m sure my little bottlebrush forest will grow by the time Christmas actually rolls around. Things might shift around as I start bringing out and acquiring more pieces, but it’s been fun to start introducing some of my Christmas/winter pieces to my decor. Spoiler alert: there will definitely be pleny of holiday content on this blog! If there’s anything particular you’d like to see, let me know!

Any other bottlebrush fanatics?


review: urban decay junkie vice lipstick palette

Urban Decay has been one of my favorite brands since I first started getting into makeup; after they relaunched their lipsticks as the Vice line, I spent a lot of time poring over swatches, trying to decide which ones to try. It’s a big commitment to buy a prestige lipstick…I get salty enough when a $6 tube from the drug store doesn’t turn out to be the color I hoped! Luckily, UD has our backs – the Vice lipstick palette is a great way to try out different colors without committing to a full tube!


First off, there are two versions of this palette, one exclusive to Sephora and one exclusive to Ulta. Most of the colors are the same in both, but the color I was most intrigued by was definitely Junkie, a deep teal shade, so I had to go with the Sephora option.

The palette comes with a retractable lip brush; I’m not used to applying lip color with a brush, but I found this one really easy to use. The lipsticks are all super creamy and apply very smoothly. It might just be my lack of experience with using a brush, but I did feel like these lipsticks didn’t last as long as I’d like. And having to bring the whole palette with me for touch-ups instead of just a single tube is a deterrent.

I mostly bought this palette because I was interested in the “out there” colors, but the ones that most surprised me were the nudes! I’ve never really been one for nude lipstick, but I actually really liked how they looked on me. Experimenting with the Vice palette has definitely helped me get ideas about which lipsticks I might want to get full tubes of.

Unsurprisingly, my favorite color thus far is Wrath, a metallic red.


I totally get why metallics are “in” this season. They rock!

If you’re a lipstick junkie (pun intended) who wants to play with a bunch of different colors and formulas before committing, I highly recommend the Junkie Vice palette! It’s one of my favorite beauty buys for a long time.

practicing self care

I’ve actually been thinking about self care a lot lately, even before all of…this. But because I know that lots of my friends and other people in my community are probably going to need it now more than ever, I decided to go ahead and share.

You can’t fight the world if you don’t take care of your self. Whether you’re preparing to go into battle for justice or quashing your own inner demons, practicing self care is crucial to maintaining your mental health. The items on this list are things that I personally find useful for self care. Some of them are serious, some are frivolous. You need a little of both, in my opinion. I hope a few might inspire you.

  • Painting my nails
  • Yoga (I’m a big fan of Yoga with Adriene)
  • Fuzzy blankets
  • Fancy bath/spa stuff
  • Sending mail
  • Embroidery
  • Organizing something
  • Long hot showers
  • Listening to podcasts with my eyes closed
  • Special sweets
  • Guided Visualization/Meditation
  • Rain sounds
  • Playing with makeup
  • Tattoos
  • Donating to causes I care about
  • Overdramatic singing
  • Untangling knots
  • Peppermints
  • New lipstick
  • Therapy
  • Wearing a corset
  • Trying a new recipe
  • Talking to a friend
  • Soothing Youtube videos (I know a lot of people like ASMR but I have a weird weakness for planner videos)
  • Taking a walk

No matter what’s going on, please take good care of yourself.

And to come full circle with the image above:

Be good to yourselves, darlings. ❤️❤️